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RT-PCR studies on human dendritic cells shows our technology downregulates genes that shut down the immune system.

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We are testing several complement-based fusion proteins and have found that via these pathways we can induce a tumor-specific cytotoxic T cell response in vivo.  In addition, our technology platform modulates several barriers within the tumor microenvironment that currently mitigate therapeutic efficacy including IL-10.  Thus we are expanding our research into elucidating potential targets that can increase tumor sensitivity to immunotherapies.  We are partnered with biotech companies including Novartis, specifically through a "Visiting Scientist" agreement.  Currently we have raised $1M and are openly collaborating with academic groups and companies around a targeted cancer drug that destroys drug-resistant tumors with the National Cancer Institute.

Recognized by CNN, American Association for Cancer Research, Google X, the Milken Institute, TEDxJohnson&Johnson, MassChallenge, the American Society of Microbiology, Verizon Powerful Answers, and the National Young Inventors Gallery.

MacroVax our lead technology hinges on specific lectins to induce a tumor-specific immune response.