Lead asset, MacroVax enters human dendritic cells and teaches them to target and destroy tumors.


Immudicon is a preclinical stage biotechnology company creating complement-based biologics that target and localize immune cells to the tumor.


The platform modulates chemical barriers within the tumor microenvironment that create an immunosuppressive shield around the tumor such as Interleukin-10.  


Currently, Immudicon has raised $1.5M and has partnered under paid agreements with several industry collaborators including Novartis. 


Immudicon is developing biologics that activate antigen-presenting immune cells against cancer

Direct Tumor Targeting
Cancer Vaccine (MacroVax)
Human dendritic cells imaged through fluorescent microscopy with GFP-tagged MacroVax

Business model leverages network of academic, clinical, and industrial research labs for technology validation.